reese what is 14 

i miss some of u guys!! if you’re wondering where i went, i switched over to a different blog, and it’s never too late to send me a message on this blog asking me for the new url. i hope you’re all doin well

Anonymous: Idk if thisll do it for you but I always found comfort in two things 1)they escaped the rat race of life 2) they did it while having people who truly love them. Hang in there debs <3

yeah that helps a lot thanks so much every day gets a lil bit easier <3

Anonymous: Are you okay?

yesss im doing okay! thank you for asking. the funeral was today and it was pretty rough but im trying to stay strong!!

just so u guys know, my grandpa passed away Sunday night …… his funeral is tomorrow and it’s a hard time for me so any love and support would be appreciated

Anonymous: Where did you go?

I switched over to a different blog, I’ve made a few posts about it haha sorry it was kinda abrupt but you can always message me on this blog if you want the new URL

I’m back to remind u guys to wish pascale the happiest of birthdays her URL is freshly

"I’m not sure what I’ll do, but— well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale."
F. Scott Fitzgerald (via stay-ocean-minded)

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thanks youtube
Anonymous: does unvivid follow your new url???

she does

Anonymous: Hey!! You are so fit and healthy, and I was just wondering (if it's not too weird) what kinds of exercises do you do for abs? I'm pretty fit but not where I'd like to be, and you're super inspirational. Thanks!!

thank you so much! I think with my body genetics kinda just worked in my favor haha so I didn’t do much to get my abs, so I don’t know if I’m really the best person to ask. I do run a lot though, you could try that!! also remember to eat healthy! but my friend aaron is really into that health stuff, you could definitely ask him for some tips, his URL is absandavocados

Anonymous: does pascale follow your new url?

i actually didn’t give pascale the new url until a few days ago hahaah i eventually gave her it but i don’t think she follows me 

Anonymous: what's your new url?

if i posted it publicly that’d kinda ruin the entire purpose haha sorry, message me not anonymously if you want it and I’d be more than happy to give you it

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