i’m sooo excited i’m going shopping with my grandma on friday and my grandma is my favorite person in the world

college baseball should be more popular than it is because theyre COLLEGE AGED BASEBALL PLAYERS

"Poverty isn’t a money problem for poor people; poverty (in the richest country in the world) is a problem with our distribution of resources. Poverty is the problem of inequality. Poverty is a problem because the rich hoard their resources. Poverty is a problem because corporations hoard cash while Americans remain unemployed. Poverty is a problem because of corporate welfare. Poverty is a problem because of unethical job creators. The problem isn’t because poor people are poor; the problem is because the rich never think they are rich enough."

if i have a lot of spelling errors its not because im drunk or trying to look drunk its because i just ate ice cream and my fingers are cold

a drunk guy told me i have a ‘body from the gods’


3rd place at the dick suck invational